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Innovative design solutions
to create valuable products.


Over 300 international projects of industrial vehicles, highly competitive and unique in style.


and simplification.

In the design of modern vehicles, ever more compact and performing, while defining the layout of components always increasing and bulkier, their positioning must be prioritized.

Supporting structures often must assume non-linear shapes and require an expert work of simplification to avoid additional costs and weight.

MAIN’s experience in design of different machine groups, along with the know-how in metal structures processing, allows you to always achieve the best result.


Innovative solutions
for connected systems.

MAIN offers its customers the full co-engineering and its project management capabilities
becoming the true system partner.

The experience in applications and electrical components and a deep OEM-based electrical knowledge enable MAIN to design systems that meet regulatory requirements but also fulfill the features required by suppliers of components integrated into the vehicle, thus withstanding the most severe operating conditions.


Adaptability and flexibility
for every need.

The undercarriage of a construction machine is
one of the most stressed parts of the vehicle because it’s exposed to impacts and wear.

MAIN designs tracked and wheeled undercarriages for machines of all types from 1 to 40 tons in weight, including the internal mechanics of each component and the structural calculation.


Stylistic creativity
interacts with engine power.

MAIN takes care of the installation of fully equipped engines on new and already in production vehicles, both looking after the prototyping and the testing phase in accordance with all the homologation procedures.

Our team of engineers carries out all the necessary installation, thermal and hydraulic checks, according to the reference standards and installation norms of the engine manufacturer.

The experience acquired after +200 fully designed vehicles allows us, during the study of a new layout, to propose ideas and improvement solutions on all connected systems, such as machine frames, tanks, electrical and hydraulic system.

This strong interaction of various skills makes MAIN the most complete and reliable partner on the market.


Everything is

Secured and certified solutions
to access every market.

Style is influenced also by regulations because they affect technical and commercial choices.

Since years, we have been accompanying customers in the development of new ideas throughout the entire design process, also providing valuable advices for everything related to regulatory requirements and compliance with international standards.

We deal with patent analysis and offer targeted solutions for product development on different markets.


Main Designs
Inspiration and Courage.

A long and multisectoral experience has made MAIN's Design
unique and always balanced with the power of Engineering.

A precious formula that allows you to explore and combine advanced technologies with ambitious ideas giving a distinctive personality to every vehicle.


Designing performances
for the perfect strenght.

The best performance of your product
is a matter of accurate and systemic analysis.

One of the first analysis that must be done on a vehicle, once the weight and dimensions have been defined, is to determine the forces involved, the muscles of the machine.

In the early stages of a project, therefore, the specifications with which the new machine will face the market and compete with competitors must be defined.

Commonly we are strongly involved in this phase, to suggest the best performance to customers.


Style and performances:
the perfect balance.

The most important features to classify a vehicle are design - that defines its aesthetics - and hydraulics that defines its performance.

Hydraulics represents the power and controllability of a machine, allowing to make the difference while working on specific features.

Electronics, engine power, cooling system are closely related to the hydraulic system.


The right force
right where you need it.

Analysis is what you need to distribute weight
where it's needed, not where it's not.

The expert systematic application of mathematical calculation methods and the simulation of physical phenomena (Finite Element Analysis) allows an effective and total control of the project, ensuring the highest performance and an efficient cost reduction.


Industrial Vehicles

All the strenght
of the electric.

First-class technological contents,
a simple and functional design, realized in a very short time, as required by the customer.

This electric miniexcavator is truly a small technological jewel, designed to be transportable with vehicles with a total weight of 3.5 tons. Beyond the perfect engineering, by which all weights have been optimized, we have obtained the maximum stability and performances of a higher-level machine, the significant plus in this project is having created a small technological jewel with an electric engine.

yet Indestructible.

Even simple things
enclose complexity.

Minidumpers are conceptually simple machines, but they can contain a number of problems caused by the use of the vehicle in critical working conditions.

MAIN took care of the complete creation cycle for this vehicle, from design to production, passing through the use and maintenance of all models in production.

This dumper is marketed by large manufacturers, who have included it in their product range to resell it with their brand, to guarantee the reliability and productivity of the vehicle.

For years we have been carrying out projects of complete ranges of machines in a short time, thanks to a concrete experience gained in the field and the ability to manage very complex projects.


Refinement and design customization
melted with high project management skills.

A homogeneous fusion of lines and colors significantly characterize this new construction machine, which has the unmistakable family feeling of other vehicles previously designed by MAIN, while maintaining the refinement and personalization of the design.

The realization of a complete project of a Bachkoe Loader requires high engineering skills and a consolidated expertise in project management.

comes to life.

Breaking traditional patterns
unthinkable results are obtained.

This innovative concept of Self-Propelled Sprayer features the vertical excursion of the machine body and greater track variation than all the competitors vehicles in the same category. This allows maximum adaptability of the vehicle to all cultivation systems and its operativity even in advanced stages of the growth of the product, without damage.

How did we come to obtain such a result and to file two innovation patents?
It is a classic example of application of the M2C culture: in the first phase, that of Proactive Objective Evaluation, all ideas are born by breaking the mold of traditional reasoning and technical evaluations.

and Branding.

The perfect Design must be defined
to always put customer branding in the foreground.

This skid loader is the latest of a whole range of compact machines with power from 35hp to 65hp, entirely designed for the same customer.

On this machine, in particular, important technological and innovative contents have been enclosed. A performing kinematics of vertical lifting arms and the double version of the undercarriage, on tracks or on wheels, have been studied, with all the mechanical components entirely designed to ensure the best performance with maximum reliability.

At the same time, the focus on the customer identification style was maintained, and has been brought out in particular in the rear part of the machine, in order to obtain an immediate visual identification with the customer’s brand.


A mini-serie of machines
with homogeneous lines and an unmistakable style.

The reinterpretation of three existing models has been the focus of this project which has improved the vehicle’s performance in thrust and in lifting force, visibility in the cabin and the feeling of well-being of the operator, also thanks to the new air conditioning and air diffusion.
We have created three machines (from 130hp to 150hp) starting from a single project, enhancing at best the components and the frame of each one and unifying as many parts as possible between the machines.

A wise simplification of the assemblies made it possible to save many hours of assembly of each machine.

The new product was nicknamed SKYLINE for its exceptional visibility.

The vehicle
there wasn't before.

When MAIN's skills are combined with those of its customers,
a stimulating technological journey begins that leads to guaranteed results.

In that case, we’ve put into practice the brilliant idea of ​​a customer, by designing a multifunctional machine that didn’t exist on the market before.

This fast and powerful vehicle, capable of digging, loading and lifting just by simply changing the accessory, encloses a very high level of technological innovation. A result that can only be achieved with a synergic collaboration between MAIN, the customer and suppliers.

The Big One...
until now.

Out of the ordinary projects
can only be realized with high engineering skills, which are extremely rare on the market

The focus of this work has been the complete project for a wheeled excavator weighing 18 tons, characterized by a simple and functional design in all its parts.

The exceptional result obtained in terms of performance and effective control of the production costs of the machine was achieved through our proven and effective project management method.

In record

Time always matters,
but sometimes it makes the difference.

A great demonstration of design speed and management capacity in the design of the exteriors and the cabin of this telescopic loader.

Modern lines that convey a family feeling, well-proportioned volumes, new shapes for a widely glazed cabin to give the operator maximum visibility and comfort.

where it’s needed.

A multifunctional design,
that guarantees strength and reliability.

Powerful and reliable, this servo-assisted (hydraulically controlled) tracked transporter has been designed to be extremely functional; for example with its rotating driver’s seat, designed to facilitate driving in both directions of travel.

The track, made up of components entirely designed to perfection, offers excellent stability and maneuverability even at maximum speed (11Km/h).

It is also possible to easily replace the rear body according to work needs: from the rotating one for trilateral unloading to the fixed one, passing through the unloading with variable height.

Technology and Style.

A concentrate of technology, which lacks nothing in terms of style.

MAIN supported the customer throughout all the design process of this ultra-compact telehandler, by taking care of the layout of the engine unit and tanks, the restyling of the cabin, the styling of the bonnets and their innovative opening system.

A technological result that strongly characterizes the product and brand.

The perfect Fusion
of different Approaches.

A holistic approach is everything you need
when a complex job must be done.

We have to admit it honestly: extremely complex projects are the ones we like the most. In this case, we have designed 4 different machines, having to take into account many similarities and standardizations between them, therefore setting up a very complex project management job.

A complete design of all the machines, which had to be carried out from top to bottom, for a world-class partner, with whom we have quickly established a perfect collaboration, despite the necessarily different approaches.

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