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Top Level Consultancy.

We adopt a customer-centric perspective during each phase of the project, so that at the focus of our work is always the success of our client. Our services cover all the possible aspects related to product design and development, until the brand promotion.


Design and Technical Drawing.

Product optimization in terms of style, ergonomics, usability and functionality

Our engineers constantly deals with the optimization of the product with a particular focus on improving and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the production processes and marketability of the final result.

The consolidated experience in the field of technical design allows us to provide our customers with maximum support for the development and provision of real solutions to problems of realization, practicability and performance capable of industrializing the target projects in the best possible way.

The softwares mostly used in our work are:

  • Creo
  • Solid Edge
  • Ansys for FEA analysis

and Calculations.

The complete integration of tools for parametric solid modeling and FEM analysis to define optimized geometries, before the realization of the prototypes.

The application, in each design phase, of mathematical calculation methods and simulation of physical phenomena (FEA ANALYSIS – Finite Element Analysis) allows the optimization of the structures from the point of view of strength and weight, also obtaining the reduction of costs and of production times.


CFD / FEM analysis and calculation offers the complete integration of tools for parametric solid modeling and numerical analysis for finite elements (FEM).

In this way, before the realization of the physical prototypes, to:

  • define the geometries by optimizing them in shape and weight,
  • manage any changes quickly and fluently,
  • reduce production costs,
  • improve performance.

Furthermore, thanks to the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, we are able to predict and anticipate the fluid dynamic behavior of structures, machines and components under development, collecting data and information on their performance, such as the distribution of pressures and the speed trend.


Working prototypes of industrial vehicles, complete in every detail.

Once the design phase is completed, we move on to the creation of working prototypes with all components installed according to specifications. At the end of the assembly, the prototype setup is performed waiting for the testing phase.

Through mock-ups and complete prototypes, we guarantee our Customers the physical verification of components, engineering and stylistic choices, in order to refine the product to its maximum potential and activate a pre-industrialization phase prior to mere production.


and Validation.

Specific tests and a complete analysis of the performance data, to achieve the best result

Vehicles’ performance, reliability, technical characteristics and structural solidity are verified by a team of designers used to define objectives and results together with the customer, and thus to plan specific tests and analyze the performance data necessary to achieve the best result.

The prototyping phase and the complementary testing phase exploit synergies between Engineers, Designers, Customers and Partners, in order to achieve the maximum yield in terms of design and functionality.

In MAIN, we perform the following tests:

  • hydraulic tests and components configuration,
  • powertrain test and performances verification,
  • vibrational tests,
  • sound insulation and noise reduction tests,
  • electrics and electronics systems tests,
  • vehicle sizing tests,
  • performance tests,



A creative experience, that melts innovation and beauty with functionality.

We create aesthetic solutions that are ALSO technical solutions: our work is to model shapes and volumes that satisfy and favor production procedures.

Starting from the customer’s needs, we prepare freehand sketches, drafts and 3D proposals (using software such as MAYA, ALIAS, ICEM). Virtual 3D projects are used for the production of style models through numerically controlled cutters that process the data of the virtual surface through CAM applications.

We start with the definition of the objectives and then move on to the development of product concept and style through the graphic representation of various aesthetic proposals and the feasibility and resolution analysis of the first design problems, always having the support of a technical verification design, to investigate the criticalities detected.

Since most of the technical and design choices have been made, chances of success of the subsequent design phases are very high and, therefore, the entire development of the project is speeded up.


At MAIN, we develop the Design of digitized models under the guidance of technical inputs.

Through the creation of preliminary aesthetic surfaces it is possible to verify the design choices, and then proceed with dimensional evaluation and execution of the modifications required by the Engineering.
At this point, the style is perfected by the designers, who take care of the remodeling of the final surfaces that will lead to the development of the mold components.
By combining Engineering and Design we are able to understand the differences between real models and products and to adapt and optimize the project to specific technical standards.

We deal with:

  • External parts of components, machinery and vehicles
  • Internal parts of components, machinery and vehicles
  • Ergonomic analysis of components, machinery and vehicles
  • Product Design


An analysis of the product preview from an aesthetic, dimensional and functional point of view.

Experimenting with the mock-up allows us to identify improvements or modifications aimed at improving the product according to individual technical and aesthetic needs.

This phase takes place before making substantial investments for the prototyping of the product – thus obtaining a significant advantage in terms of timing and design resources – and verifing the technical characteristics of the project, in order to ascertain that the values ​​and identity of the Brand have been respected throughout the process.

Virtual Reality Experience.

A lab where Design and Engineering express themselves in all their forms, allowing to observe the realization of a new project.

The use of cutting-edge technologies for Virtual Reality allows the customer to experience the final solution from an operational point of view and, therefore, to experience the perception of the result at different times and conditions of use.

Sensory experience also makes it possible to identify gaps and inefficiencies, thus leading to the contribution of improvements and changes aimed at improving the product, according to the technical and aesthetic needs of the project.

The physical interaction with the product makes the project tangible in every detail and allows full control of the progress of the work in all the design phases.


Multiple applications and infinite advantages.

At MAIN, we create prototypes using 3D printing techniques, which allow us to produce complex shapes with fewer quantities of material than traditional methods.
We also use 3D printing for Rapid Manufacturing, an innovative manufacturing method aimed at small batches of customized production for short periods.

3D printing finds multiple sectors of application, such as: cars, robotics, equipment, design, education.

In particular, thanks to 3D printing, product designers can customize their products at no additional cost, managing to create high-quality functional prototypes for a new product concept.

This process accelerates the design cycle and shows that the product idea works before major investments are made.

Our model makers work together with our Designers and Engineers to convert CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) projects into tangible solutions through Rapid Prototyping, Computerized Numerical Control (CNC Machining), Manual Machining, Mold and Hand casting and finishing.

3D printing advantages:

  • Geometric complexity without extra costs
  • Very low start-up costs
  • Customization of each part
  • Low cost prototyping with fast delivery times
  • Wide range of materials (also special)

Business consulting


We identify vision, competitive advantage and measurable goals for our customers.

Values ​​at the heart of a Brand are the foundations for a long-term Vision.

By perfectly identifying its corporate vision, a company can best identify the market to which it refers and where it is easier to arouse a feeling of identification.

For an analysis of this type, Design Thinking is fundamental, along with a Human-centered approach, according to which innovation derives from the integration between user needs, possibilities offered by technology and the requirements for business success.

Through a deep understanding of the needs of our Clients’ Customers, we create products and services that solve specific problems and therefore provide our client with a competitive advantage that lasts over time.


Innovation is the factor that allows each company to reinvent itself and make its business sustainable over time.

What we do in MAIN is:

  • Evaluate the innovative preparation of companies and carry out benchmarks with best practices
  • Consolidate skills needed to define and launch new growth and development activities
  • Increase the focus on customers
  • Establish governance systems to allow quick and smart decision-making

Our approach is lean and meaningful:

  • Identify gaps between growth targets and current assets
  • Define key innovative and new growth efforts
  • Identify priority areas to explore aligned with customers' need
  • Ensure that procedures, leadership and mindset are applied in the best way to accelerate development
  • Help build a culture of innovation by diagnosing the causes that inhibit the success and implementing key systems

We focus on technology, engineering and product design ensuring that company offerings are innovative. Business areas in which we operate are:


A culture that supports innovation is the key. From an external perspective, we identify problem areas and help eliminate them


Creatives are what every company needs: we facilitate the process of recruiting the necessary talents and cultivate their growth

Innovation Goals

We help you build a business plan and a strategy that tighten the objectives around innovation


We simplify processes of birth and adoption of new ideas, for better communication and collaboration

New markets identification

The implementation of previously poorly served markets is often more profitable than the creation of new products targeted to a new customer base


Focusing on our Customers Brand, we are able to define the most appropriate Brand Strategy to achieve a competitive advantage that can be defended over time.


We start by understanding how the Brand differs from competitors, then defining the desired positioning for the future. These informations are translated into guidelines for the development of a specific expression around the brand.

Insights and market researches

Our consulting service also provides continuous surveys and insights to attract new customers and retain existing ones, to enter new markets and explore opportunities, while preserving the core business.


Building a Brand is above all storytelling: what most interests the network of stakeholders around our customers is translated ina unique and valuable communication method.

Visual design

Finally, we integrate the visual component of Brand development into research, strategy and storytelling: an essential strategic factor that allows progress, involving new audiences and revitalizing the existing one.

In short, what we are concerned with is delving into the world of Brand Strategy, equipping it with the creative drive to unleash the maximum potential a brand is capable of.


Market Analysis is essential for business growth.

At the base of conscious strategic and operational marketing decisions there is a careful Market Analysis, which aims to highlight opportunities and risk factors of the specific context in which our Clients intend to operate.

This is why Market Analysis is essential for business growth:

  • To become aware of opportunities, risks, trends and possible market developments
  • To analyze the competitive arena and the characteristics of demand, supply and distribution channels for the sector and the like
  • Because the market is the starting point of any Business Plan
  • To determine the most appropriate configuration of the desired solution based on the target customers
  • To define the price of the products and offer systems
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