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From the sketch to the finished product

In the previous article we saw how a MAIN vehicle is born, with a particular focus on engineering. Today we will focus on another fundamental aspect of commercial vehicles: design.

The requirements of good Design

MAIN realizes cutting-edge solutions capable of making every project attractive and stimulating also from a commercial point of view. Beauty, Functionality and Innovation are the requirements that every MAIN proposal must respect and that have allowed our design to be recognized and appreciated all over the world.

Visually Satisfying

“We sell 1 vehicle out of 3 because it is considered more beautiful than the others”.

This is what we proudly hear from our customers.

Nowadays, the design of a vehicle is fundamental to distinguish the product from the competition, increasing its sales. Looks also count and, with same performances, our brain will always make us choose the product that seems most beautiful, interesting and visually impactful.

There is nothing more powerful than images, and at MAIN Engineering we create a design that can effectively communicates the values of the product.

In addition to being impactful and distinctive, the design must be representative of the brand, therefore it must be in line with the other vehicles in the range and follow all the stylistic features imposed by the brand.

Extremely Functional

“The most exciting challenge is to create vehicles
while maintaining maximum functionality and effectiveness
without compromising their aesthetics”.

Good design is not just about aesthetics, but it focuses on the combination of form and function. The aesthetic value therefore includes and corresponds to the ergonomic functionality and utility characteristics, so a vehicle must be beautiful while remaining manageable, resistant and suitable for the work it is born to do.

Easily Producible

“A design that is impossible or too expensive to make has no sense to exist”.

In MAIN Engineering we create aesthetic solutions that are also technical solutions: our job is to model shapes and volumes that satisfy and favor production procedures.

MAIN conceives and designs complete vehicles providing any production technology: the R&D department collaborates with all company divisions and with a consolidated network of collaborators to search for innovative technologies aimed at improving the quality of the vehicle, creating new products and optimizing production processes.

The Creative Process

A refined stylistic flair guides all the design phases, from conception to implementation, always ensuring maximum efficiency of the result also from a technical and functional point of view.

Defined the objectives and needs of the customer, we move on to the development of the concept and the style of the product by preparing sketches and freehand drafts.

Sketches are transformed into 3D digital surfaces modeling and rendering for real-time evaluation with early-stage mathematical datas. Feasibility analysis and the resolution of the first design problems follow; all with the support of a technical verification design that allows us to investigate the criticalities detected.

Throughout the design process, not only the external hoods are considered, but we also carry out studies for the ergonomics of the cabs and for the graphics of decals, badges and user interfaces.


A perfect balance between engineers and designers makes the development process more fluid and organic at every stage. Since most of the technical and design choices are weighted from the early stages of the process, the success rate of the subsequent design stages are very high, with a considerable speeding up of the entire project development.