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Valuable projects
come from an effective network of people.


Unleash your potential.

The key to personal fulfillment lies in understanding what turns you on.
A company with a perspective can evaluate not only the preparation and experience of a person, but also and above all his attitude, his transversal skills, his talent.

This is the point of view with which we frame each candidate, to evaluate his possible and best inclusion in the company team.


Test yourself.

To become a pro in your field, you need to have the opportunity to test yourself, measure your capabilities, confront with others and with yourself. The goal of our internships is precisely this: to explore, cultivate and spread one’s talent.

We offer a unique experience of coaching with Design, Engineering and Mechanics professionals in collaboration with Schools, Professional Bodies, Technical Institutes and Universities.


Improve your skills.

The world is constantly changing. Hence the profound need of lifelong study and training, to acquire new skills and strengthen those already possessed, to guarantee our partners and customers the best service and customized solutions.

Professional updating means to explore different contexts and activate synergies to keep our mind-set young and open to new trends.


Newness, discovery and exploration are very important pillars in MAIN.

Are you looking for opportunities to get involved and measure yourself with the challenges and competitiveness of the market?


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    Events, conferences and workshops

    Growth and development
    can be a pleasant team game.

    Every now and then, we hold conferences, workshops and events – in our spaces, in the Lab or in external locations – to present successful cases, exchange insights and industry news, celebrate goals, transfer knowledge, approaches and methods.

    Professionals, entire companies, students of all ages are the target of our initiatives.

    A coffee together is always a good idea

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