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MAIN @ 76 Industrial Graphics Event

Where Style Meets Industry: Insights from MAIN Engineering

A new experience has interested and involved us: a talk show dedicated to the theme of style in the world of industry.
Always ready to talk about design, on May 19th we will participate in an interesting debate about the dynamic and constantly evolving relationship between style, design, and the industrial world.

We are excited to announce that MAIN’s Design Manager, Massimo Barchi, will participate as a guest speaker in the talk show.
His experience and passion for design will be fundamental to enrich the debate and make it more stimulating.

Participating in the event organized by 76 Industrial Graphics represents a unique opportunity to share experiences, knowledge, and opinions on the central theme of the day. The format of the round table discussion will guarantee a continuous exchange of ideas among industry experts, creating an even more engaging debate.

We expect a very productive event and are certain it will be interesting for all participants.