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The perfect synergy
between style and functionality.


Over 100 complete international cabin projects in which we have obtained the perfect integration of the cabin with the vehicle.


Behind a frame,
many problems solved.

Behind the design of a frame hides the experience of decades of work in the workshop, many problems solved over time and many improvements made to reduce costs and customer satisfaction.

The chassis of the cab comes from a perfect installation on the vehicle, a good standardization of the components, the maximum producibility and the containment of costs.

MAIN collaborates with various European cabin builders, conveying their style and carrying out the subsequent engineering of the structures, acting as a hub between the vehicle manufacturer and the cabin manufacturer, working side by side with the technicians in the utmost confidentiality for the protection of know-how.


Innovative solutions
for connected systems.

MAIN offers its customers the full co-engineering and its project management capabilities
becoming the true system partner.

The experience in applications and electrical components and a deep OEM-based electrical knowledge enable MAIN to design systems that meet regulatory requirements but also fulfill the features required by suppliers of components integrated into the vehicle, thus withstanding the most severe operating conditions.


Everything is

Secured and certified solutions
to access every market.

Style is influenced also by regulations because they affect technical and commercial choices.

Since years, we have been accompanying customers in the development of new ideas throughout the entire design process, also providing valuable advices for everything related to regulatory requirements and compliance with international standards.

We deal with patent analysis and offer targeted solutions for product development on different markets.


Main Designs
Inspiration and Courage.

A long and multisectoral experience has made MAIN's Design
unique and always balanced with the power of Engineering.

A precious formula that allows you to explore and combine advanced technologies with ambitious ideas giving a distinctive personality to every vehicle.


in every phase.

The success of a project is also and above all based on the effectiveness
of the initial analyzes and design insights carried out in these early stages.

The know-how related to the design of the entire vehicle, combined with the experience of many designed cabins, have been for years a guarantee for our customers of perfect design know-how in all phases of the project, starting from the fundamental initial considerations, priority for the success of a project.

The correct sizing of the structure is the work of capable initial intuitions verified by Fem analysis during the development of the project.
In most cases, the deformation of the cab is added to the deformation of the vehicle and where possible improvements are made to both resistant structures.

MAIN is able to improve the efficiency of any type of installation also by proposing possible changes to the machine layout.


and functionality.

In the design of modern vehicles, ever more compact and performing, while defining the layout of components always increasing and bulkier, their positioning must be prioritized.

The driving environments designed by MAIN are enhanced in style and refined in functionality.

All the proposed solutions consider every fundamental aspect: the operator’s needs, his health and safety, the working conditions of the vehicle, the reference regulations and above all the feeling that the new product will have to instill in the market.



Ease of
installation and maintenance.

An important project that has gained considerable success on the market, this cabin has new geometries that have allowed a better application to the machine.

The positioning of the HVAC unit in an area that is very accessible from the outside makes it easy to install and maintain: these are very rare advantages for this type of vehicle.

Very attractive design
yet super functional.

This is the first compact cabin for sweepers with an HVAC system installed on top: this solution has simplified the design of the machine and optimized the internal spaces for the operator.

Lights, housed in a very small space, ensure the necessary visibility of the work areas.

A simple metal structure and minimal covers make this cabin very economical and with a very attractive design.

Design that shrinks
optimizing functionality.

The simple and sober style of this huge cabin for waste collection vehicle makes perceive the focus of the project: the search for comfortable spaces that facilitate the constant movement of operators during work while ensuring, at the same time, the visibility necessary for an easy maneuverability of the vehicle in the confined spaces of urban roads.

All the electronics has been willingly concentrated in the screen: in this way, we were able to dry all the lines, creating an impactful and functional design.

A breathe
of air.

A project with an unmistakable style that has solved the problems of forward visibility by improving the operator’s feeling of well-being, placing all the instruments within reach, with rigorous symmetry.

The diffusion of air conditioning has also been improved, with relative simplification of the installation of the systems.

This cabin has been nicknamed AIR because of the feeling of space and light it offers to those who enter it.


A feedmixer cabin with a modern design, conceived with innovative details such as the “all-glass” side, the integration of the headlights in the body of the machine and a better diffusion of air conditioning around the operator.

All the on-board instrumentation has been located in easily accessible areas for the operator to use, reducing assembly times and mechanical maintenance.

A project specifically dedicated to the next generation of farmers: because we don’t always have to wait for the future to live in it.

Every phase
is crucial.

The creation of a complete range of compact skid loaders requires careful and in-depth market analysis, high engineering skills, a synergistic Main-Customer-Supplier collaboration and an effective method of managing project activities.

The exceptional result obtained in performance and the high level achieved in the design of all the parts has made these machines one of the most competitive on the market.

A project to set yourself free.

Is it possible to make the vehicle manufacturer independent from the cabin manufacturer? Sure!

When the annual numbers are not high and the required delivery batches are low, the cost of the booth suffers.

Part of our job is also to guide the vehicle manufacturer in the production chain to build the cabin independently, starting from a project that will take into account the availability of materials and maximum control of production costs.

A major
stylistic change.

In the wheel loader market, this vehicle design has landed with a major stylistic change.

In fact, it contains concepts never seen before on vehicles of the same category: from the aggressive lines of the cabin and side fenders to the decisive and unmistakable line of the bonnet and ballast.

Its fundamental characteristics are maximum ergonomics and functionality, which make the vehicle a reference point on the market.

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